The Black White And Red Series

The Black White and Red series is the latest theme in Mackey’s artistic oeuvre. In these paintings he combines detailed black and white European street scenes with vibrantly painted figures in the foreground. This creates a beautiful contrast. The density of detail in the background is set off by the vibrancy of the figure.

a walk in the garden

A woman walks through a mysterious garden

Lately, Mackey has been experimenting with the scale of the figure in relation to the background. In his earliest works in this series, the focus was on the figure. This can be seen clearly in paintings like Sidestreet. Here the figure of the woman with the umbrella has a large presence that is the clear focal point of the painting. In later pieces of the series, the artist has shrunk the figurative element in relation to the background. This creates more emphasis on the landscape or cityscape. A good example of this type of work is Across The River. Here Mackey has placed a great emphasis on the reflections of the river and the large tree on the left side of the image.